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First blogged wedding | Phil & Lynn 10.31.14

So, I think I'm going to start blogging ALL weddings this year! A preview or two just doesn't do a wedding day justice after all the hard work my clients put into planning their big day! Since there are several more weeks until I shoot a 2015 wedding, I'm going to start by blogging my last wedding of 2014! I apologize if y'all are getting tired of seeing so much of Phil and Lynn lately on my social media accounts but their wedding really was one of the best weddings ever! For one, it was unique! They kept their ceremony low key at the court house and had me come out to shoot, not one reception but TWO on Friday and Saturday night! They were also gracious enough to give me ample portrait shooting time for just the two of them. This allowed us to get SO many shots of just the two of them alone! Enjoy their wedding photos below!

We LOVED her custom made bohemian wedding gown!

Getting into that gorgeous dress!

...And her parents seeing her for the first time her dress!

Heading out to see Phil for the first time in her dress! Phil and Lynn were married earlier in the day and had spent most of the day together until getting dressed for their reception!


Now for my favorite part of the two day wedding...bride and groom portraits!

Walnut Lane Inn is seriously beautiful in the Fall!

LOVED this blue bridge they're sitting on!

Reception time!

Yep, they got married on Halloween!

The toasts were hilarious and heartfelt at the same time!

...Let the party begin!

After having an amazing celebration of their recent marriage, Phil and Lynn made

their grand exit, amidst their family and friends, down a sparkler-lit pathway!

...And they lived happily ever after!

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