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How to Take Selfies Like a Pro!

This post may sound a little silly but we think it's pretty important that we document at least a fraction of our lives together while making beautiful images at the same time! I'm not a fan of the cell phone selfie although I'll admit I have given in a time or time, especially on vacation! However, we try to make time on every vacation, anniversary, and Christmas to take at least one nice image.

Myrtle Beach, August 10, 2014, Frist Anniversary


We tried this wireless shutter release but we prefer to use the self what you will need:

*DSLR camera (or really any camera with self timer or ability to use a wireless trigger)

*Tripod (we use this one)

Our method works best with 2 or more people. After all, you will need someone behind the camera to set it up and someone in front of the camera to test out your shot! I’m usually in charge of setting up the shots, so I will have my husband stand in front of the camera while I set the self timer AND set it to take multiple shots. Also the person standing in front of the camera will be where you want to focus. Most importantly I set the camera to start shooting 10-20 seconds after I join the photo so the first few frames aren’t without me!

I hope I haven’t thoroughly confused everyone because this really is so simple that anyone can have fun with it! Let’s recap:

  • Place your camera on a tripod

  • Set your camera to self timer (or wireless shutter release, if you prefer)

  • Focus on the person in front of your camera

  • Click the shutter button

  • Join the photo yourself

  • Pose for a few frames

  • Check out your shots

  • …and practice, practice, practice!

This past Thursday was one of the biggest snowstorms we had seen in probably 15 years (5 inches) in North Carolina…so of course we headed out with the cameras and tripod!

Snowstorm, February 27, 2015


This diptych shows our method in action.

And...make sure to ask your significant other

to take a few shots of you with your newest baby!


Don't forget to have fun with the editing afterwards too!



All of these shots were taken with the Nikon D750 and my favorite lens for selfies, the 50mm 1.4! I'd love to see some of your very own selfie shots with a in the comments! Thanks!

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