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What to Wear to Your Engagement Session this Spring

So you’re super excited for your engagement session this Spring…but what should you wear!?

I am going to share tips with you on clothing that photographs best and ideas on how to coordinate with your fiancé, not necessarily match!

  • First, bring options! I recommend having two options. Most of the time my couples will opt for a dressier outfit and also a more casual option.


  • I recommend wearing solids. Patterns can blend into the environment, especially if the pattern is tiny. If you want to wear a pattern, I recommend a bolder/bigger pattern. Examples are larger floral for women and larger plaid for men.

  • As for colors, try complementary colors like the coral and mint in the casual outfit or coordinate by wearing colors in the same color family, pictured in the dressier option.

  • Don’t over think it! Most of the time my favorite outfits are more on the simple side. This way, the focus is on you two!

  • If one of you is wearing a lot of color or bold patterns, I recommend the other wearing neutral colors.

  • If you plan on sending out save the dates, it could be a good option for you to wear your wedding colors.

  • In any case, make sure you two match when it comes to how formal or causal your attire is. If the bride to be is wearing a dress with heels, the groom to be probably shouldn’t wear a tee and sneakers.

  • I mentioned that a lot of times the simpler an outfit, the better BUT don’t forget to accessorize! Scarves, jewelry, and belts add a lot to a solid shirt or dress. You can wear bolder jewelry with solid outfits and simpler jewelry with outfits that have pattern.

  • DON’T feel like you MUST follow these or any other “rules” you may stumble upon regarding what to wear to your engagement session. Above all else where outfits that are unique to you!

  • Last, but most definitely not least, wear clothing that is flattering to your figure and skin tone. I recommend choosing pieces that play up your best features and downplay what you may be self conscious about. Of course I’m going to guide you through every pose to make you look your best but start with flattering clothing and we’ve got a winning combination!

BONUS TIP: the outfit collages above were made on, check them out! This may be a great resource as you start planning for your engagement session this Spring!

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