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Recap of our Greensboro Manual Photography Class

I get several inquiries every year about teaching photography classes. In years past I had avoided it because I couldn't afford to add one more thing to my plate! This year, I feel like my organization skills are finally improving and I had room to actually do something fun like teach a class to aspiring photographers! So I picked a date and got the word out! I have to admit I was a little nervous because it’s a lot of information to cover. I worried if I would be able to convey the material clearly but once we got started AND the attendees got some guided hands-on practice, they were great! I was really impressed with how quickly these girls processed the information I was giving them AND then turning around and applying those concepts to their own photography the same day! I look forward to seeing what they do next!

We went out to one of my FAVORITE shooting locations and they did really well shooting here!

Can't wait to see them apply what they learned yesterday! Keep in touch :)

By the way, Michelle, Marissa, and Blair ALL shoot Canon and of course I'm a long time Nikon shooter :) but that didn't Inhibit the learning yesterday!

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