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Kayla's Bridal Portraits

I Just love that Kayla decided to have two bridal sessions with me! Each location fit her perfectly and gave her two different looks for her bridal portraits. Enjoy just a few of my favorites below...and tomorrow come back to see the wedding day photos!!!

Aww Piper <3

As always we love to play with the cathedral veil!

Kayla's hair was perfect!

Now for part two...the Elon bridal session!

We had to get one with Kayla's brick! I love this!

So shortly after we started shooting it started pouring! So the next several we utilized a large porch for portraits until the rain passed.

I love the rainy look and pose of this one!

Thankfully the rain moved on and we were able to get shots like these!

And tomorrow I'll be sharing their rainy but GORGEOUS wedding day gallery! Stay tuned!

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