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Maple Chase Country Club Wedding | Thomas & Kayla

I had been so excited about Thomas and Kayla's big day for about year by the time it arrived! BUT the week before, stalking the weather every few hours left me very nervous. It was forecasted 90% chance of rain...and it did rain a lot! Thankfully though we had periods of light rain that Thomas and Kayla were more than willing to venture our in and I think you'll see that it was well worth it! I am so pleased with every little detail of their day and can't still can't believe we were able to capture such gorgeous portraits on such a dreary day. Enjoy their wedding day highlights and be sure to congratulate Thomas and Kayla below!!!

The guys like to have fun on the wedding day too!

I love all of these shots of Kayla with her sister!

Kayla is lucky to have been surrounded by these sweet girls on her big day!

Thomas patiently waiting as Kayla's sister sends her off to the first look.

If you're getting married soon, below is enough to convince you that YES, you need to do that First Look with your soon-to-be-spouse!


Kayla also used the first look to present Thomas with his wedding day gift!

Love the twirl!

Kayla and Thomas didn't even hesitate to stand in the rain for a few portraits BEFORE their ceremony! That's TRUST! Thank you two so much :)

I love love LOVE that the ENTIRE bridal party also jumped in the light rain for a few pics!

It's almost wedding time...

I loved Thomas & Kayla's unity piece! They can display this is their home forever now.

And look...

the rain let up for several more minutes of gorgeous portraits on the course this time!

We just love letting that veil do its thing!

One of my favorites right there!

They had so much fun dancing all night!

Cake time!

And this right here is why we actually LOVE a little rain on a wedding day...just a little!

And they lived happily ever after!


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