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Learn Lightroom!

So you're pretty comfortable shooting with your DSLR camera by now but you want to take your images to the nest level...LEARN LIGHTROOM! Lightroom is an image processing program developed by Adobe, similar to Photoshop, but much more streamlined. Lightroom was developed to edit images more efficiently AND nondestructively.

In the Lightroom class on June 13, 2015 you will learn to transform dull, RAW files into lively images while learning the ins and outs of Lightroom!

We'll go over:

*importing your images

*organizing your images

*culling your images

*correcting your white balance and color

*correcting under or over exposed images

*add contrast and saturation

**We'll also discuss how to use Lightroom to achieve the particular editing style you desire!

***IMPORTANT: PLease be sure to have already installed the lastest version of Lightroom (5.7) (here) to your laptop. Bring your laptop and a few RAW files you would like to practice with.

Register to join this class on June 13, 2015 here! 8 seats offered, just 7 left!

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