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Beyond Auto ] An Intro to Your DSLR Camera

I am so excited that Spring is right around the corner because that means we're hosting the DSLR class again! I have hosted this class twice now and it is always so much fun, not to mention it is great to see everyone learning the basics of the DSLR so quickly! After you learn the basics, you are onlt limited by your own imaginaton and creativity!

This is class is perfect for mom's with DSLRs or anyone who wants to take their DSLR off of Auto mode...because let's be honest, your DSLR on Auto mode is not creating the images you want!

In this class you will learn:

-The different camera modes and their real life applications

-The basics of exspoure

-What kind of lighting to shoot in

*You will also receive a handout with all the material covered and the ability to ask questions/receive feedback on your photography anytime after the class.

Class will be held April 2, 2016 | 1PM-3PM | Just 8 seats available!

Registration is available HERE!

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